The next generation of waste gasification.


FastOx® gasification

The FastOx system uses heat, steam and oxygen to break down waste at the molecular level. Organic materials turn into an energy-dense syngas. Inorganics melt into a non-leaching stone. Waste undergoes complete conversion into high value products without burning. There are no toxic byproducts and no emissions. Other key advantages include:

14 Mil.

Number of homes powered if all U.S. waste is gasified by FastOx technology.


U.S. energy supply that is derived from renewables, despite growth in this sector.

How a FastOx gasifier works


FastOx gasification leaves no waste type behind

FastOx gasification produces high value products



Syngas can be used to power generator sets and gas turbines. The clean syngas results in electricity being produced with lower specific emissions than even natural gas.


Hydrogen is created using water gas shift and pressure swing adsorption separation, and is suitable both for injection into a pipeline or for use in a hydrogen fuel cell.


The Fischer-Tropsch process creates sulfur-free and aromatic-free renewable diesel (fuel that can be blended) that is 20 times cleaner than California’s ultra-low sulfur diesel standards.


Ammonia produced from syngas using the Haber-Bosch process can be used as the primary ingredient in chemical fertilizers.

Knowledge Base

Don’t stop here. Our Knowledge Base contains detailed articles about our technology, the chemistry of gasification and the future of zero waste.