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FastOx® Pathfinder

The 50 ton per day Pathfinder will consist of several equipment isles, each designed to be transported separately and assembled onsite. The complete system will have maximum height of 35 feet and requires a quarter acre of land. 
  • Modular
  • ¼ acre
  • Option for multiple systems
  • End to end system
  • Use for community, hospital, industrial complex, campuses.

System Components

FastOx Pathfinder Product Yield Table

Based on 50 tons per day

The Pathfinder can be configured to produce several end products. The total yield depends on the feedstock composition as well as moisture content. The table here is based on 24 hours operation of post-recycled municipal solid waste at a 20% moisture level.

To get a more specific estimation of product yield, please use our online calculator. Our online calculator estimates the capital cost, operating cost, and potential revenue generated from a FastOx system. The calculator allows you to enter the amount and types of waste, tipping fees, local cost of electricity, and any possible credits that are specific to your project and location. 

System Scenarios


Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen vehicles could eliminate car pollution and revolutionize the transportation industry, however the current cost of hydrogen can't compete with traditional fuels. FastOx gasification solves this problem by generating hydrogen for a fraction of the cost of existing methods.

The following model shows the potential for producing hydrogen from a 50mtpd system processing municipal solid waste. We assume an industrial sale price for hydrogen gas at $6 per kilogram and average tipping fee of $54 per metric ton.

Income Breakdown

  • Tipping Fees: $950,000
  • Hydrogen Sales: $2,560,860
  • Carbon Credits: $33,000
  • Stone Sales: $45,000

Daily H2 Output
1230 kg/day

Annual Operating Income

Payback Period
3.3 years

Hazardous Waste Elimination

Hazardous waste disposal can cost up to ten times more than average household waste, and biohazards such as medical waste, require processes and impose greater liability on all those involved in the disposal chain. FastOx gasification eliminates these hazards and generates additional revenue.

The following model shows the potential for producing electricity from a 50mtpd system processing hazardous waste. We assume an average industrial sale price for electricity of $0.11 per kWhe and tipping fee of $400 per metric ton.

Income Breakdown

  • Tipping Fees: $7,305,000
  • Electricity Sales: $721,413
  • Stone Sales: $20,000

Daily Electrical Output
18.9 MWhe

Annual Operating Income

Payback Period
2.7 years

Leading the Way

Sierra Energy's system at Fort Hunter Liggett was built to meet the net-zero goals established by the Department of Defense to reduce waste and increase domestic renewable energy production.